Specializing in photo, film and video production, archival film and photo research, licensing & rights clearances, video producing, grant writing and story development. For hire or consultancy rates - please contact us.

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Consulting Producer for Salon Des Sauvages, an immersive, interactive art event created by dancer/choreographer Vanessa Walters (RIPENING) and filmmaker Brian Gonzalez/Taxiplasm for upcoming events 2019.

Creative Director/Editor for a series of vintage inspired 7 second SOCIAL MEDIA spots for the Italian luxury perfume brand i Profumi di Firenze. Isabella Imports. This campaign has increased sales by 65% with it’s cross platform views.

Producer/Writer for Below the Line (2012-2013) a 5 episode web series based on true film and tv production stories from “below the line” talent and crew. Responsible for budgets, SAG paperwork, production reports, crew hiring, call sheets and casting for low budget comedy series. Featuring Erinn Ruth, Teagan Wright, Simone Butler, among others.

Script Consultancy  

New York based actress Simone Butler’s “Emily and the Golem” -a fantasy feature film with elements of animation about the coming of age of a little girl in a foreign country.

Imelda O'Reilly's "We're the Kids in America"  Festival de Cannes' L'Atelier 2018

Story Researcher & Development, Porchlight Entertainment

Grant Writing

Nicolas Jenkins'  "The Future Is Always One Step Behind" - a multi-part documentary project 2018-2019

Fundraising Consultant for preproduction of award-winning independent feature film FOUR (2012) starring Wendell Pierce and Emory Cohen. Directed by Joshua Sanchez, Produced by Christine Giorgio


NYWIFT member volunteer with Women’s Film Preservation Fund (WFPF). To learn more about these great films and the organization DONATE link here: WFPF